Lighting specifications

With the LED continue importing indoor and outdoor lighting market, LED lighting price drops drastically, but uneven quality also causes problems, it was noted that all over setting specification for LED lighting, various compulsory lighting standards from 2012 onwards the road, competition is expected to speed up the Elimination of inferior products, and then drive the LED lighting market shuffle effect.

Due to LED lighting application increasingly General and the multiple, Taiwan Economic Department standard Council gradually developed more items LED lighting standard, following LED Street specification developed footsteps leading world States announced, 2010 end of and issued 3 items common LED indoor lamp standard, including LED T8 straight tube lamp, and LED voted light lamp and light steel frame lamp (containing flat lamp),, industry pointed out that, despite related standard specification has set, but LED Street after years promotion, to 2012 only is expected to expanded installation, As Government imports slow and budget operations, are expected to 2013-2014 is expected to release a purchase bid.