LED drive power is an important cause of the low life drive power required for lack of life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, primary reason is job for a long time LED lights when the internal temperature is very high, resulting in electrolyte for aluminum electrolytic capacitors are quickly drained, life span is much shorter, usually only work for about 5,000 hours. Life expectancy is 50,000 hours of LED light sources, and Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor operating life span of LED drive power life span short ribs.

Today, some suppliers in order to address this problem, create LED drive power supply plan of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. But not all LED drive power suppliers have embraced this approach. Chen Rong pointed out that: "the current mass production of LED drive power drive without a selection without Electrolytic Capacitor is planned, because without it, pass many tests norms, such as EMI test and flicker-free test. ”