Driverless 40W Waterproof IP65 LED Rectangle Shoplighter

Product Details

Product Name:Driverless 40W Waterproof IP65 LED Rectangle Shop lighter

Product Description:

Gobright Driverless 40W Waterproof IP65 LED Rectangle Shop lighter adopted high lumen Epistar led chips with HV IC, The HV IC is a kind of solid state components and life can reach more than 5 years. The regular led products adopt the electrolytic capacitor which in the from of liquid with only 2-3 years lifespan.

The COB Driverless led spot light work at AC220-240V or AC 110V directly, double insulated wires with input voltage AC220-240V or AC110V.

Dimmable function support with triac dimmer; 4 years warranty.


Model Number


Power Factor


Power Consumption


Working Temperature

-10 ℃ ~ 45℃

LED Source

OSRAM 3030

Storage Temperature

-20 ℃ ~ 65℃

Input Voltage

200-240V AC

Working Frequency

50/60 Hz

Color Temperature


Working Humidity


Beam Angle


Storage Humidity






Color Rendering Index


Life Span


IP Grade


Color of Housing



240*155*91.5   cutout: 220*127.5MM



Product Size:mm

Technical Parameter:

Product Features:

* Adopt Epistar led chip, high brightness led source to achieve the illumination purpose.
* Driverless (a small Solid state component IC to instead the Driver and it's installed on the PCB board as same as the LEDs. We also call it 'Driver On Board')
* Up to 80% energy saving compared to traditional lamp
* Long lifetime of 50,000 hours
* Dimmable function support when using triac dimmer
* No UV/IR light
* Environment friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances
*High shock and vibration resistant with aluminum body
* Low power consumption, save energy and maintenance cost
* Low heat generation, no heat damage to achieve ideal display lighting
* Good thermal property with special designed aluminum alloy housing
* Use high thermal conductivity aluminum, good heat dissipation

Application:The HV LED Shop light is designed for general lighting applications in shopping mall, home, Hotels, Conference, Meeting rooms, Factories,office,super market,clothes shop,institution building,gym centre,parking lot , School,Hospital etc.

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