HV 150W IP65 Waterproof Driverless LED Reflector

HV 150W IP65 Waterproof Driverless LED Reflector
Product Details

Product Name:Driverless HV 150W waterproof ip65 LED Floodlight

Product Description of the Driverless HV 150W waterproof ip65 LED Floodlight:

The LED Flood Lights create bright, shadow-free security and spot lighting for a variety of outdoor applications, including facades, landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes, and hospitality. The Driverless LED Floodlight are the most advance energy efficient led floodlight on the market, with an attractive ultra thin design and innovative driverless technology. It has a 120 degree beam angle and will cast a bright, wide light.. This range of driverless dimmable led floodlight give the consumer equivalent or improved light output compared with their halogen or sodium floods at considerably lower wattages. It can perfectly replace 450-500W Metal Halide Lamp with our driverless flood light 150W.

Spec of the Driverless HV 150W waterproof ip65 LED Floodlight:

Model Number


Power Factor


Power Consumption


Working Temperature

-20 ℃ ~ 40℃

LED Source


Storage Temperature

-30 ℃ ~ 60℃

Input Voltage


Working Frequency

50/60 Hz

Color Temperature


Working Humidity


Beam Angle


Storage Humidity






Color Rendering Index


Life Span


IP Grade


Color of Housing



See the dimensioned drawing



Technical Parameter of the Driverless HV 150W waterproof ip65 LED Floodlight:

Product Features of the Driverless HV 150W waterproof ip65 LED Floodlight:

Substantial energy saving and very low maintenance, 50-70% cost reduction compared to HP sodium or mercury lamps and 80% lower on energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs, 50,000hours life time 3-5times longer lifespan than sodium&30times longer than incandescent bulbs. Advanced Osram chip.
* High Quality Components
The driverless led floodlight has a high grade aluminium and steel construction. The front glass is toughened, has an attractive silver bezel, and is fitted with hex head bolts for added security.
* Ultra-thin Design
An ultra-thin, tactile design that can be mounted on a ground spike or using the mounting bracket provided. The mounting bracket of the driverless floodlight can be rotated through 360 degrees for optimum light coverage.
* Driverless LED
The Gobright's LED Floodlight is driverless. This results in reduced levels of heat emission and so increased efficiency and reliability. The high quality LED chip is super bright at 85-90LM/W.
*IP65 - Rated
The driverless led floodlight is IP65 rated so it will be protected from the elements and show no damage from rain or snow. The test for this included firing water at the flood lampe enclosure for at least 15 minutes in all directions at a volume of 12.5 litres per minute.

Application of the Driverless HV 150W waterproof ip65 LED Floodlight:Factories, warehouses, workshops, gyms, sports halls, industrial facilities

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