80W Driverless LED High Bay Light

Product Details

Product Name:Driverless HV LED high bay Light 80W

Product Description of the Driverless HV LED high bay Light 80W:

LED high bays are instant-on, with no flickering or warm up period. reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

LED high bays, are instant-on with no flickering or warm up period, it's a good choice to replace the traditional lamps in warehouse , work shop etc...Gobright's driverless led hi-bay light, using the technology of driverless(using ic driver to instead of the regular driver), it  gives the High Bay better quality and longer life time. On the other hand, Using high quality Osram 3030 LEDs makes the high bay lighting more bright. This new led hibay lamp is a quality high bay designed to reduce maintenance costs. Ideal one-for-one replacement of conventional highbay systems such as HID and fluorescent.

Spec of the Driverless HV LED high bay Light 80W:

Model Number


Power Factor


Power Consumption


Working Temperature

-20 ℃ ~ 40℃

LED Source


Storage Temperature

-30 ℃ ~ 60℃

Input Voltage


Working Frequency

50/60 Hz

Color Temperature


Working Humidity


Beam Angle

45°  60°  90° 120°

Storage Humidity






Color Rendering Index


Life Span


IP Grade


Color of Housing






Product Size:mm

Technical Parameter of the Driverless HV LED high bay Light 80W :

Product Features of the Driverless HV LED high bay Light 80W:

* Adopt high quality and high bright Osram led chip.
* Rated 50,000 hours average lamp life
* CRI >80 provides good visual performance
* Driverless (a small Solid state component IC to instead the Driver and it's installed on the PCB board as same as the LEDs. We also call it 'Driver On Board')
* Ultra-efficient patented design
* Dimmable function support when using triac dimmer
* Energy reduction up to 80% compared to HID lights
* Reduced heat load in buildings
* Direct replacement for conventional high-bay units
* Lightweight and rugged die-cast aluminum housing
* Fast turn on, no warm up or cold start problems
* No lead, mercury, UV or IR radiation with low heat
* Environment friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances

Application of the Driverless HV LED high bay Light 80W:Factories, warehouses, workshops, gyms, sports halls, industrial facilities

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