China's LED Industry To Household Lighting Penetration

In recent years, significant increase in penetration rate of LED lighting, landscape lighting, roadway lighting, commercial lighting and other areas to promote the use of and to speed up penetrate to the household lighting. In 2015, the scale of China's Semiconductor Lighting industry as a whole was 396.7 billion yuan, up from 2014 15%, compared with the average annual growth rate over the past 10 years more than 30%, the growth rate decreased significantly.

From the import and export situation, the 2011 to 2014, overall lighting products in China's export growth rate is maintained at a high level. 2014 lighting products exports amounted to 41.5 billion dollars, reaching the highest level in recent years, an increase of 16%, 4 years of lighting products in export growth rate remained at 10% per cent. Under the influence of the global economic environment in 2015, total exports of lighting products in China the growth rate also fell in the first three quarters amounted to us $ 33 billion total exports of lighting products, 8.5% in 2014, export growth, the growth rate fell to single digits for the first time.