Diverse Application Development Industry Growth

Judging from the development opportunities, one is "along the way" and other national policy for the development of the industry and create a favorable environment. As the country "along the way" policy of publishing, to complement each other, open development along the country opened a new window of opportunity, the achievements of the new platform for international cooperation. China's LED industry in meeting the domestic market based on urgent need by expanding exports and international cooperation to alleviate structural overcapacity. And regional markets in emerging countries such as India, and Russia, Africa, South-East Asia, supported by national policies, economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading, LED lighting market would be further opened. India Government is expected in 2016 Bid 200 million LED bulbs and replace the LED lamp project open tender, making India the LED lighting market will be further released in 2016. Southeast Asian markets including Thailand, and Singapore, and Malaysia, and Viet Nam, and Indonesia and the Philippines in six countries, LED lighting market size and penetration rates are steadily rising. States "along the way" policy has LED enterprises to go abroad to provide important opportunities for industrial development to create a favorable environment.