Driverless HV LED Light Delivers Up To 93% Efficiency Without Obvious Flcker

In the last several years driverless LED light engines (also known as AC-LED light engines) have become increasingly important to the solid-state lighting (SSL) sector and to the lighting industry at large. Indeed, some leading luminaire companies rely on AC-LED based products for as much as half of their sales. The allure from a cost and complexity perspective is clear in that the minimal driver circuit can be placed on the circuit board that hosts the LEDs and no separate driver module is needed. And the latest implementations combine up to 93% electrical efficiency with low cost and no perceptible flicker.

AC-LED light engines have numerous advantages — starting with a flat and compact form factor enabled by the lack of an LED driver, thereby simplifying the luminaire design. But many products on the market today suffer from 120-Hz flicker (close to 100%) and efficiency is typically only around 83%. The high flicker renders them unacceptable to many lighting designers/specifiers for lighting applications such as offices and workshops.

\a new driverless LED light engine that produces less flicker and offers higher efficiency than many existing products. The new technology results in prototype light engines with essentially no perceptible flicker at 120 Hz and demonstrated electrical efficiency of 93%. The design described is being utilized in a light engine manufactured by ERG Lighting. This new branch on the lighting technology tree has the potential to reshape the future growth of the SSL industry.