Filament Lamp For LED Markets Said "fire" Can't Be Too

Filament lamp since the market for LED, from the much-questioned to mixed, gradually accepted, and today more and more fire, extensively in Pike place market, experienced a very tortuous course. "The LED lamp the filament by going through the process, is the market of the product development process, LED lamp the filament technical problems were gradually break solution process, it is clear that LED lamp the filament eventually weathered market challenges, and won. "Talk about LED lamp the filament development, Hui zhou yingji, General Manager of optical He Neng much emotion.

In Asia shares Pu er lighting market Su Hui, General Manager of the Centre, LED lamp the filament market this year said "fire" without too much. Soviet General said filament lamp after almost two years of publicity, this year the Giants begin to pay attention and ready, it sends a signal: LED market accelerated breakdown, and really into the technical competition, channel refinement stage, say "fire" is not much. In his opinion, this "fire" is not super low prices brought about by the "rushing headlong into mass action", but the differentiation of the product technology lock promotion, consumer-oriented, market recognition, customer favorite "red fire".