High-brightness Blue LED Research Progress

Invention of GaN-based blue LED as the "Edison after the second lighting revolution". Red Qi Yong, Mr HO and Shuji Nakamura for "invented high efficiency blue LED, brings energy and bright white light" awarded the 2014 of the Nobel Prize in physics. Using blue LED synthesis of phosphor and white light LED light efficiency of fluorescent lamp twice times, has been widely used in liquid crystal display backlighting, penetrate to the home and Office lighting, but there is the problem of high prices.

Traditional GaN based blue light LED operating current density of 20A/cm2, improved LED operating current density can output more light on the chip area, which can reduce the cost of LED lamps, and LED can be used in car headlights and projector need to be highlighted, such as the light source. However, the blue LED on the inefficiency problem when working at high current density, hindered the development of its contribution to the field of high power, high brightness lighting. In recent years, many researchers have studied the causes of inefficiency caused by, trying to solve the quantum efficiency blue LED with the sharp decline of operating current density increased.